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Daily wrap-up Feb 27

Feb 27, 2022

Watching Star Trek this evening, because that’s what the weekend needs to finish itself off. I had some issues getting my site to run its usual script to create this post - and now I’ve forgotten entirely what I was going to want to write about. Will have to settle for a quick synopsis of the day. I cleaned the filter grates and changed all the filters. 2 of them are a fancier new allergy reducing kind, but I had the wrong size for the 3rd and M got a cheap-o home depot one. Which is just fine. Really it is.

It has been war week in the world. Russia is invading Ukraine, and our gas prices are up fifty cents. How shallow that that is how I experience the event. That and the GOP trying to blame the president for it all. I sometimes think it would be better in life to go for broke on something like a battle - bettter to burn out than fade away. My friends Eric and Aaron took trips to Ukraine for church missions; wondering if they know anyone who’s caught up in the conflict.

Our family has many many many irons in the fire. We are investigating a move to several towns over - so that we can be closer to schools for the fall. All just in time so M can find a new job and not benefit from the shorter drive. But although the housing market is great for sellers, it’s crazy competitive for buyers and I’m worried that we’re going to get frozen out and wind up homeless.

My God when did my writing become so sterile. Like a drafty furnace.

Daily wrap-up

Feb 01, 2022

Why am I doing this? When the dog’s whining is more weighty on my mind. And the cleanliness of the backyard ahead of the snow is more Paramount+. And my friend’s dad was removed from life support today. Which wasn’t what one had hoped for the day. Discussing pandemic deaths and flower deliveries and whether a friend’s brother and she would opt to induce.

Is it alright to purchase music anymore? Side note.

Is the Jim Beam cinnamon liqueur as good as the iowa distillery Prairie Fire? Are the casino playing cards as good as the cheap ones from the other casino down the back highway? Where you saw BB King back in the day.

And you peer into the case which held chocolates. Only to discover that it now holds only writing utensils. Mostly pens. But we did buy an entire shipping container of them just to be sure. Or maybe because that was the only quantity that prime shipping would allow.

FX got the master sword today. Along with my help. It’s like a spoiler watching him do all this stuff again. And it makes me aggrivated. Need to go greet my wife now, so goodbye.

Zelda forever thru the ages.

Daily wrap-up

Jan 27, 2022

First daily wrap of 2022. Lots has happened. LW broke his leg and just had his cast removed this past Tuesday. In the meantime we had Christmas & New Year’s and visit days and an eternity of time off and a new raging covid fire. Back when the pandemic started I was writing these cute tweets about the little disruptions to life lived entirely at home - and people got a chuckle from them, maybe. Now we are so long gone from that state of mind. I can’t believe how much time has passed.

M to a wrestling meet tonight. One of her students was pinned. Dinner here this week has been abject terror and failure upon failure. Nobody wants to eat anything excepting pizza and penne pasta.

The Mill was demolished today back in Iowa City. I played many of my first gigs there in town. Saw many memorable shows. I should write about those soon: DBT during the snowstorm in Feb 2002, Jay Farrar, Titus Andronicus, NYE w Dave Zollo, David Bazan, too many to mention or remember. Open Mic nights with Jay Knight, where Blame Not the Bard made an early name for itself.

Thank you to all those who owned and operated The Mill, even when it was barely afloat.

On Being the Free Alternative → → link

Dec 31, 2021

I’ve been thankful for NetNewsWire in 2021. It’s become my main interface with the world of written content. It is simple, clear, and highly functional. It syncs my RSS feeds via iCloud, which save the extra step of needing an external RSS service - which was THE feature that set it apart from other reader apps. Plus its reader view fetching works like a champion.

But this line from the NNW blog gave me a hearty chuckle:

We realize that free and open source apps often do have the mission of mimicking the features of some one or several commercial apps, as if they’re Prometheus bringing features to the common computer user — but that is not our mission.

Having a mission and sticking doggedly to it is somethign to which I aspire for 2022.

Medina Spirit dies during routine workout → → link

Dec 08, 2021

You have to feel for this horse. It’s been through the ringer - public triumph, public disgrace, drug abuse - but now it’s all over.


Updated: Jan 27, 2022

This is a now page. Essentially an answer to the question, “What have you been up to recently?” I update this page as what I’m generally up to in a few categories of daily life ebbs and flows.


Still dealing with discouragement on multiple levels. This is top of mind. My tooth is bothering me and I had to postpone my dentist appointment. covid is an unending fire in my area, Tarrant County, Texas. 10k cases a day. Not as many deaths this time around, but it is enough - oh is it enough. My littlest child wasn’t even a year old when this started. Now he’s 2 and is old enough to have already broken his leg.

Aside from that all those current debacles, my mind is planted in the future and can’t get a grip on the present. What will I do next fall? Where will we live? What will life hold?


How can I reconnect with old friends? Am I better off without any social media? Will anyone ever look at my website? Do I have some unseen illness that will go undiagnosed until it rears up and takes out everything? Questions, questions.



  • Station Eleven (outstanding show. Like Mackenzie Davis a lot)
  • Silicon Valley (funny and on point, but a bit too vulgar at times)
  • Midnight Diner (one of my favorites of recent years)


  • Iowa Public Radio Classical
  • Floating Points & Pharoah Sanders, Promises
  • Julia Holter, Aviary
  • Burial, Antidawn EP


  • Karl Ove, Book 6 (alternatively exhilerating and a slog)

Recent notes

Wed. May. 18, 2022 09:15:10 AM

Finally - finally getting around to dropping of M’s returns. Foundation inspection. Going over full inspection report again. Costco trip. Which Costco will be closest now? Analyzing all my latest tweets. Soccer lunch at the newly opened McD’s play place. Which is just … WHUFF.

Thu. May. 05, 2022 11:24:33 AM

Checking out DVDs from the library is much more interesting and exciting to all the kids in my family except for the 13 y/o. The little ritual of inserting the DVD. The annoying ads and menu navigation - it’s all gravy to them - interesting and novel - even if the exact same show is available on streaming whatever.

Thu. Apr. 28, 2022 02:25:58 PM

I just told F “I’m thinking about taking you and lw to Costco to get hot dogs for dinner” - and his immediate response was “I want to go there TO GET SAMPLES. I think about going there TO GET SAMPLES every day.”

Fri. Apr. 08, 2022 09:09:40 PM

My brain — consumed by chatter, clatter, and whatever is the matter — can’t know how to start anything but the next episode.

Wed. Apr. 06, 2022 08:13:55 AM

Here is a thing that just happened: my 2 y/o engaged the Echo to “play,” as he often does. It chose to play “Music by The Replacements.” Then I said, “This song hits daddy right in heart of all my feels.” Then everyone wanted to turn the song off immediately.

Tue. Apr. 05, 2022 10:28:20 AM

I wish that more people just ordered black coffee at every coffee shop. Save everyone lots of time.

Tue. Mar. 01, 2022 04:05:21 PM

Maybe most specifically the tech talk and Apple nerd sphere of shows. I appreciate that community and I’m not going to abandon it. But it’s dawning on me how vapid and repetitive most of it is. Year after year the same discussions over and over.

Tue. Mar. 01, 2022 04:03:03 PM

I can feel myself moving away from podcasts. Dare I say my dependence upon podcasts to get through the day. This has been an ongoing concern passed down from my window cleaning days, working outside and invisibly and alone.

Mon. Feb. 28, 2022 11:02:35 AM

I don’t know when I’ll be able to move past knowing that many thousands of people carry on life as if they believe “a thing” (could be any number of things … let my readers fill in the blank) - when in reality their motives are entirely cynical and selfish.

Sun. Feb. 27, 2022 11:00:16 PM

I finished Leviathan Wakes today. Absolutely flew through it. I never noticed or cared the leaps of logic that Miller makes along the way that don’t add up. Just a wild ride of a book.