Update June 28, 2020

Sherman, our dog, got pwned by the visiting dog of a friend (Piper). He got pinned on his back in his own yard, which must feel embarrassing. He’s going to stay with them during our upcoming visit days.

COVID-19 update: we used the last of the Grubhub gift card to order TEX MEX. Why live in TX if you never eat TEX MEX food? Now I will make a heretical statement: the Mexican food where I moved from in Iowa is equally good to the vaunted TEX MEX of Texas. I made the mistake of having our food delivered instead of picking it up. This morning I also ate the wrong piece of coffee cake.

In other news, I am discouraged by the division in our country on simple things like MASKS. Then again, maybe those are just the Twitter bots posing as “citizen journalists.”