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This is a now page. Essentially an answer to the question, “What have you been up to recently?” I update this page as what I’m generally up to in a few categories of daily life ebbs and flows.

Processing recent events

1/8: Needing to take down the tree this weekend. But constantly feeling pulled to follow all the unfolding events in DC. I’ve been on edge ever since late summer. That subsided after the election - but now it’s ramping up big time.

Now: this is still ongoing. The president was booted from the Internet, and the social media landscape is being rewritten and alterred. And I’m of two minds on it all. Is this a bridge we want to cross?


I’ve got things up and running w/ my new site layout and setup, and it’s making me really happy. Doing a little dance or two. Now considering shifting things to a new domain name I purchased - because it’s time to face the fact that Tooterville is a weird name that nobody likes much.


Mainlining space operas and soaps.