Adam Thomas

Adam T's Homepage

This is a now page. Essentially an answer to the question, “What have you been up to recently?” I update this page as what I’m generally up to in a few categories of daily life ebbs and flows.

Carrying on

My website is up and running, and I’m in the flow of posting somewhat regularly. Now to move on to some longer pieces of writing I’ve been holding in my brain.

I’m also entertaining the idea of picking up my guitar and beginning to sing and play again. There’s a collaboration project with a friend that has been sitting on the shelf for the last month. My finger is feeling pretty good and slightly maneuverable, so maybe it’s finally time to move ahead.


Considering reading the entire Bible again and taking notes. A 3rd chance, if you will. Mr. Chooch has some questions that need answered. As of this writing, this still hasn’t happened.

Also going to be completely Kondo-ing my part of our master bedroom closet, which has been cluttered with my music equipment (did get this underway). Fresh starts make for fresh flower blossoms in the spring. Not an actual saying.


Mainlining space operas and soaps.