My private nickname for former President Obama is “Mr Seven Almonds” names after his evening snack that has inspired me to amend my evening snacking habit whenever possible.

Watched an episode of HALT & CATCH FIRE last night. I watched the entire series a few years back, but I forgot how good it is and how well drawn the characters are from the jump.

When I STAR an article in my RSS or SAVE a movie on Netflix it makes me feel like I read it or watched it.

THE EXPANSE season 4 started off slow slow, and I didn’t care about the people or the plot, and the accents were annoying - but then around E5 is picked up the pieces and became amazing.

Technology updates: I rolled back to Mojave on my old unsupported Mac, thanks to a series of nagging Catalina bugs. My neighbor gifted me an HDMI cable. TV update: I found out that Midnight Diner & Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories are separate shows in Netflix.

COVID-19 update #6: We have accrued an incredible amount of plastic bags left over from school lunch pickups. I’ve been watching David Lynch’s weather reports on YT. The splint on my injured hand got cut back above the wrist today. It’s not always coffee in dads coffee cup.

Graduation happening for Marielle’s school today. At TX Motor Speedway. Cool place to graduate, all things considered. She’s helping. Getting an officially branded school mask.

I’m pretty jealous of the astronauts today, because leaving the planet for a few days seems like a fine option right now. 

Current status: sitting in the backyard, tending the fire, working on my stretching finger. Everyone else is in the tent, camping out in the yard, watching Cars.

Caught my finger in my dog’s halter a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to move the tip of my finger since. Finally went to the doc today. Heading in for tendon surgery tomorrow morning. Having even a 50% working extra finger will be awesome.

My wife is at a senior high school celebration event. Which is great. but it also looks like a football tailgater and not a responsible event held in the context of a pandemic.


My daughter just invited me to meet her at her skeleton horse ranch. In Minecraft, of course.

Just now considered watching THE WIRE again. I watched it all back in 2008. What a ride it was then. Plus Prime Video plays it in the new 16:9 reformatted version. Then again, do I have time to watch a TV show through??

COVID-19 update #5: I am eating lots of bread. This is the only time in the past decade I have truly wished for a printer. I fill the house with the sounds of distant talking.

COVID 19 update #4 - my daughter can’t find the way back to her ranch in Minecraft. The dog is having the time of his life. My middle son started calling Swiss Cake Rolls “Wonderpants.” The baby is nearly crawling.

COVID-19 update #3 - It is Monday. It is Monday. IT IS MONDAY - not Saturday or Sunday. Monday. I discovered that the mark that indicates the toaster setting is in a difference spot that I’d previously thought - so I’ve been toasting everything wrong.

COVID-19 update #2: the kids’ preschool is set to reopen 3/30 pending any orders from on high. With curbside drop off only. Parents not allowed in the building. Also, we haven’t eaten all the falafel. It is raining again and again and again.

COVID 19 update 1: we are making fallafel today. The robot vacuum ran on MAX mode and couldn’t find its way home. I am formulating an arrangement of MARVELOUS LIGHT in my head I hope to finish soon.

There was a coffee shop in Iowa City around 2004-I think it was called Hennepin Coffee-it was downtown at Iowa Ave and Linn-they served coffee in pint beer glasses with cardboard sleeves to protect from the heat.

Me: Why do you enjoy causing me so much grief?

Daughter: haha yes. Grief is a funny word.

Odd STAR WARS moment I will most remember from SKYWALKER RISE: the chimp expertly welding together Kylo Ren’s helmet. Where did that guy come from?

Finally saw the latest STAR WARS. It was fine. I honestly wanted to see it mostly so I could listen to the podcasts about it in my back catalog. But as an evening out, it was fun times.

Watching the STAR WARS prequels for the first time since they were in theaters. These movies are not as bad as the purists would have you believe. Come on now, people.

My wife, in her infinite wisdom, looked at the offical calendar and discovered that the kids don’t return to school until tomorrow. Right as I was getting geared up to get them ready and out the door.

Don’t share this with anyone - but I often will purposefully smack my lips loudly when eating alone. I forget whether I’ve ever shared this before - but like I said, please keep it to yourself.

Where Alan Jackson comes from they’re trying hard to get to heaven, but that’s not how heaven works.

Now beginning to admit that I guess I like science fiction. Watching BATTLESTAR GALACTICA - and I’ll be up all night Friday watching the new season of THE EXPANSE.

Space drama!

Watched the Disney+ version of STAR WARS last night. Can’t get enough of M’CLUNKEY. Funniest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.

One of my favorite #impeachmenthearings details: David Holmes being able to clearly hear President Trump’s voice without being on speaker while Sondland held it away from his face. We’ve all met people with voices like that - that just carry without effort - so perfectly fits the President’s demeanor.

Sondland has been sipping from his coffee cup A LOT - way more than any other witness. Doesn’t mean anything except that he’s going to need to take more frequent bathroom breaks.

I’ve decided to take up the nickname “America’s Mayor.”

I love watching the #ImpeachmentHearings on C-Span because they don’t cut away from the room during breaks - just show the goings on and mannerisms and conversation and what’s generally happening among folks. Just people milling around.

Watching one of the thousand BARBIE shows on Netflix. Learned that her last name is Roberts, in the universe of this particular show at least. She also used the word “adulting” when describing to her parents why her new job would prevent her from going on the family vacation.

More kids in DFW North Texas are named Landry than anywhere in the world. In fact, I’ve never heard the name anywhere but here.

If you gave up on MR ROBOT during S2, you’re missing out. Missing out, I tell you!

Typically, I make one pot of coffee each morning. But every other day I make an extra pot at some point - then drink on it through the evening and save the rest for the next day’s first cup.

AirPods PRO earned the PRO moniker by being completely earwax resistant.

tbh, I care more about the new episodes of LITTLE BABY BUM that just made it to Netflix than any new show or movie they’re releasing.

Found my asparagus tie black rubber band wedding ring in my jeans pocket today. Excited to stop wearing my daughter’s sparkly hair ties as rings. IN OTHER NEWS, listening to R.E.M.

also, I usually bring home the small paper coffee cup from church and use it as my bathroom water cup for that entire upcoming week.

Going to be that guy: why would I watch an NFL game when I could be watching another beautiful episode of Rick Steves’ Europe?

I love sauce. That is all. Just sauce all the time on everything. Give me the sauce.

First outing just me and the kids, plus the baby. To Cabela’s. Fun but nervous.

There’s a kid named Enzo playing on the nearby field. There’s also a woman drinking Topo Chico from a plastic bottle. Not her own bottle, but the same one that the beverage came in. It’s windy.

Loving iOS 13.1 - and especially the updates to Shortcuts. Outstanding, yet little heralded.